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The Gurkha Care Village and its staff and supporters are committed to providing the best care for the Gurkha Community. We think we have got the balance of culture and traditions right.  Don't just take our word for it, be sure to read through our staff testimonials and you'll see why we are proud of the service we aim to deliver for our Gurkha veterans!

Jamuna Budha Magar
Bishnu Kumari Thapa
Andrew Rae
AFV Estates

Senior Staff Nurse - The Gurkha Care Village,
I am very proud to serve our Gurkha fathers and mothers at our wonderful care facility.  We have created a community where every need is met in a friendly and respectful way.  We hope that many more Gurkha veterans come to live here and enjoy the beautiful Richmondshire countryside among the kind and friendly people who live here at Scorton.

Jamuna Budha Magar

Staff Nurse - The Gurkha Care Village,
I love working here in Scorton.  It’s beautiful and friendly.  We are all very excited that the Gurkhas are coming!  We have many Gurkha veterans living in this area already.  Many friends and family live here.  We have a Gurkha shop, two Gurkha restaurants nearby and now we have the Gurkha care village where I am proud to be a Staff Nurse. 

Bishnu Kumari Thapa

Facilities Manager- The Gurkha Care Village,
I have worked with the Gurkhas on many occasions whilst serving as a Colour Sergeant in the Scots Guards.  I am very pleased to be working alongside Gurkha community leaders throughout the UK to produce a bespoke care solution for our Gurkha veterans.  It’s good for the Gurkhas and good for the village of Scorton where it will create employment opportunities

Andrew Astin-Rae
Gurkha Care Village

Gurkha Welfare Trust,
The Gurkha Welfare Trust is the lead Gurkha charity in the UK.  We endeavour to assist Gurkhas facing hardship wherever they are.  We support and endorse this initiative.  We owe it to our elderly veteran community in the UK to provide for them in later life.

William Shuttlewood
Gurkha Welfare Trust

British Gurkha Welfare Society,
The remit of the British Gurkha Welfare Society is to seek equality of treatment for Gurkhas everywhere.  We see this initiative as an important first step in meeting the needs of our elderly veteran community.  So many face hardship, we see this as the first of many projects we will participate in to secure a better future for our community.

Tikendra Dewan
British Gurkha Welfare Society

Armed Forces & Veterans Estates,
Our goal is to secure social and affordable property solutions for the Armed Forces Community and to provide service charities and similar social enterprises with commercial support. Together with the Gurkha Welfare Trust and the British Gurkha Welfare Society, we have created the Gurkha Community Housing Initiative. By working in unison we will make it a success.

Major General (Retd) David Shaw CBE
AFV Estates

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