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Financial Information

What will it cost to live at the Gurkha Care Village?

Applicants with capital of less than 14,250

Answer: If you have Capital of less than 14,250 the local authority will disregard this for charging purposes.  The local authority will pay for your care and you will be given a minimum of 23.50 per week as a Personal Expenses Allowance.

Applicants with capital between 14,250 and 23,250

Answer: If you have capital between 14,250 and 23,250 you will be assessed to show an assumed income. For every 250 or part of 250 of capital between 14,250 and 23,250 you will be assessed as though you have an extra 1 per week income.  In other words you would be expected to pay 1 per week for every 250 in savings you have between 14,250 & 23,500.

Applicants with capital of more than 23,250

Answer: You will be expected to pay the full fee until your capital is reduced to 23,250.

Will my Pension Credit be affected and if so by how much?

Answer:  Your Pension Credit forms part of your income and as such you will be expected to contribute to the cost of your care less for your Personal Expenses Allowance of 23.50 per week.  An example is as follows:


You decide to move permanently into the Gurkha Care Village. The home costs 500 per week, which is within the local authority’s usual cost limit.

You are 81 and single, and live in a rented flat. You have capital of 9,000 and your weekly income is the basic State Pension of 107.70 (including the 80+ age addition of 25 pence) and Pension Credit Guarantee of 35.00 to give an applicable amount of 142.70 per week.

What is ignored? Your capital is ignored by the local authority because it is less than 14,250.  This is yours to keep.

The local authority calculation

Total weekly income (107.70 plus 35.00)

142.70  (paid to you in pension credit & benefits)

Less Personal Expenses Allowance

23.50  (paid to you weekly for personal use)

Your weekly contribution

119.20  (paid by you from your pension credit)

Cost of the home

500.00  (paid to the care home)

Less your contribution


Local authority’s contribution

380.80  (paid by the local authority)

Is there any other income that is disregarded or partially disregarded when calculating the contribution?

Answer: Allowances such as Disability Living Allowance mobility component and War Widows special payments are completely disregarded whereas 10 per week from a War Widows Pension or War Disablement Pension is partially disregarded.

Will I have to pay any additional fees for my care?

Answer:  No, you will not be expected to make any additional payments once you take up residence at the Gurkha Care Village

Will I receive any other income other than my Personal Expenses Allowance?

Answer:  Yes.  You will receive an initial charitable grant of up to 500 from the care provider when you first move to the Gurkha care village coupled with a monthly charitable allowance.  This charitable allowance is disregarded by the Local Authority.  This will be paid in addition to your Personal Expenses Allowance of 23.50.  The details of this payment will be made clear by The British Gurkha Welfare Society on initial application.

Will I have to pay anything towards the cost of my food and rent?

Answer:  No.  All food costs and rental fees are covered.

Will I have to pay for local transport to and from the Village?

Answer:  No.  There will be a free bus service operated daily between Scorton, Catterick & Richmond.

Will I have to pay for the electricity, water or gas I use in my apartment?

Answer:  No.  You will not be charged for any electricity, water or gas utilities.  All of these costs are covered.

Will I have to pay Council Tax for my apartment?

Answer:  No.  These fees are covered as part of the care package.

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