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Frequently Asked Questions

At the Gurkha care village, we've done our best to create a care solution that satisfies the specialist needs of the Nepali community.  We do understand that you may have many questions.  With that in mind, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions.  If you do not find an answer to your question here or you need more detailed information, contact us free at 0300 11 11 238 or email us at .

General Questions

Who is eligible to live at the Gurkha Care Village at Scorton?

Answer: All Gurkha veterans and their dependants, who qualify for general needs or specialist care, are entitled to live at the Gurkha Care Village.  Cases are decided on an individual basis by the local authorities who will conduct an assessment in order to determine whether a care solution would benefit you. The British Gurkha Welfare Society will assist you in organising the assessment.  Nepali speaking staff will conduct an initial assessment and help you to arrange the next steps.  It’s a lot easier than you think and better still you are entitled to this support.

How will living at the Gurkha care village affect my Pension Credit and any benefits I currently receive?

Answer: We know how important your Pension Credit is to you.  We know it allows you to pay your rent and living costs and perhaps even send a small amount back to Nepal every month.  You must understand that successful applicants will have all of these costs covered as part of the care package, removing all the stress and worry caused by trying to make ends meet.  This will affect the amount your are paid in Pension Credits and other benefits.  A portion of your pension credit will be used to offset the costs of care.  The local authority will take care of the rest.  You will be allocated a weekly allowance which will ensure you have a degree of financial independence (see financial information).  In return all of your lifestyle needs are met.  The majority of your medical needs are catered for on-site; you are provided luxury accommodation, Nepali food and the opportunity to live in a community environment that celebrates Gurkha culture and traditions.  All of your financial, health and life support worries and concerns are solved, giving you complete peace of mind.  You wont have to worry about making ends meet ever again.

What if I am already in a residential care facility or supported living development?

Answer: It's easy!  Simply call us free on 0300 11 11 238 and we will arrange for your re-location to the Gurkha Care Village within 4 weeks if you are veligible and there is space for you.  You don't have to worry about anything; we will organise to move you and your possessions from wherever you are in the UK.  Your move to the Gurkha care village will not cost you anything.

Should I qualify and my wife does not, would any arrangements be made for her to live with me?

Answer: The facility is designed to cater for single accommodation for individuals who qualify for supported living.  If your wife, husband or relatives qualify then the answer is yes!  Double occupancy apartments will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.  Should members of your family wish to visit at any time, we can accommodate them in the many guest quarters throughout the facility. A small administrative fee is payable.

Will Nepali food be served on a daily basis?

Answer: Yes.  Nepali along with English food will be served on a daily basis by our very own Gurkha Chef.  There are also two Gurkha restaurants nearby in Catterick and Richmond which form part of the vibrant Gurkha community that exists in the Catterick Garrison area.

Will there be a place of worship within the Care Village?

Answer: Yes.  We have a large ecumenical chapel that caters for Hindu, Buddhist and Christian worship.  The large space can also be used for other community based activities such as wedding celebrations or religious festivals.  Dependants of resident Gurkha Veterans are entitled to use the facility free of charge for such activities, subject to the approval of the Gurkha Liaison Officer.

Will there be a senior Gurkha at the care facility who we can talk to about any concerns we have?

Answer:  Yes.  A senior Gurkha is available on-site to address any concerns or welfare issues you may have.  In addition you will have direct access to both the British Gurkha Welfare Society and the Gurkha Welfare Trust through the Gurkha Liaison Officer who will ensure you are pointed in the right direction.  This includes assistance with English / Nepali language translation.

Is the care home exclusively for Gurkhas?

Answer: Yes.  Gwendolyn House is an exclusive care facility that caters specifically for Gurkha veterans and their dependants.  It includes a restaurant, function room, communal kitchens, TV rooms, library and reading areas.  The 7 acre site also contains a nursing home and a high dependency care facility that caters for others outside the Gurkha Community.

Are there employment opportunities for members of our family if they should join us?

Answer: Yes.  There are several employment opportunities available for members of the Nepali community.  These include management positions, catering staff, nursing and care assistants, maintenance staff, gardeners, drivers and security staff.  For more details about existing employment opportunities, click here or call us free on 0300 11 11 238 to talk with a Nepali speaking member of staff.

Should I wish to return to Nepal will provision be made for me to do so?

Answer: Yes.  The Gurkha care village along with the British Gurkha Welfare Society will assist wherever possible with the repatriation of Gurkha veterans and their dependants to Nepal.  That said, we are very confident that once you have spent time within our unique Gurkha community, you would have no reason to wish to leave us.

What do the people of Scorton think of Gurkhas moving to their village?

Answer: Scorton Parish Council has made it clear that they would welcome the Gurkhas and their families with open arms.  They have unanimously declared their respect and fondness for Gurkha veterans and would be very proud to host them as an integral part of their community.  Scorton is a friendly and beautiful Yorkshire village that is cherished by those who live there, it is hoped that the Gurkha veterans and their families will love and cherish it too.

Is there accommodation for employees at the Gurkha Care Village?

Answer: Yes.  There are two 3 bedroom apartments and one 5 bedroom apartment which will be rented out to senior staff members’ on-site as part of their salary and benefits package.  In addition, there are up to 10 quarters for couples which will be allocated to employees on a first come first served basis.  This accommodation will form part of the salary and benefits package on offer.

Is there telephones and internet connectivity available so that regular contact can be kept with friends and family in Nepal and elsewhere in the UK?

Answer: Yes.  Communal telephones and internet terminals are available for use by all residents and employees.


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