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A Gurkha solution to a Gurkha problem

Gurkha Community Housing Initiative

Many serving and retired Gurkhas find it difficult to find suitable accommodation to purchase or rent.  So many of our elderly Gurkha veterans are facing hardship throughout the UK.  The Gurkha Community Housing Initiative (GCHI) has been established with the support of the Gurkha Welfare Trust, the British Gurkha Welfare Society and the Brigade of Gurkhas to provide serving and retired Gurkhas and their dependants access to affordable housing, rental properties and community based care solutions.  In addition, the GCHI offers employment & training opportunities for the provision of elderly care services at the Gurkha care village in Scorton near Catterick Garrison. These projects are supported by the Regular Forces Employment Association and the Future Horizons Programme.  Projects currently underway include the following:

  • Newcastle - 35 one bedroom apartments at the Byker Estate in the centre of Newcastle.  Aimed at providing rental accommodation and employment support  for Early Service Leavers and Gurkha veterans.  Currently being refurbished, these units will be available from Spring 2013.
  • Newcastle - 36 two and three bedroom houses at the Byker Estate in the centre of Newcastle.  Once again aimed at providing affordable rental accommodation and employment support for Gurkha veterans and their families.
  • Middlesbrough - 47 bed care home at Cambridge Road in Middlesbrough.  This brand new facility will provide for 47 individuals requiring care and provide up to 50 jobs.  Available from Spring 2013.

To find out more call us free on 0300 11 11 238.

Gurkha Care Village

The Gurkha care village has been established in the peaceful North Yorkshire community of Scorton, a few miles from the large Gurkha community at Catterick Garrison.  We specialise in the provision of care for Gurkha veterans, their dependants and members of the Nepali community. Our professional staff includes members of the Nepalese community who understand Gurkha culture and traditions.  In addition, we offer employment opportunities to Gurkha veterans and their dependants. A Gurkha Welfare Officer is here to answer any questions you may have about your care needs and can assist you with your application and resettlement.Video Link

To view a video of the Gurkha care village click here.

Everything you need is catered for in a luxurious, self-contained accommodation complex.  You can live independently in the Gurkha care village in a safe environment among friends; we value the service you gave our country and in return, let us look after you with dignity and respect.

Gurkha Sitting RoomOur goal is to provide you with a COST FREE care package that is tailored to your individual needs within a vibrant Nepali community atmosphere.  On moving to the Gurkha care village you will be given a 500 relocation grant and a regular monthly allowance in order to ensure you are financially independent.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with a Nepali representative please e-mail us at or call us free on 0300 11 11 238.

To apply to reside at the Gurkha care village, please click here

At The Gurkha Community Housing Initiative, Gurkhas always comes first.

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